What is it, and how can it help you?

13010607_10154203258529749_2532009746575882455_nThe Alexander Technique is a way to organize yourself for optimal functioning. You learn to let go of unnecessary tension (un-squash yourself!) so you can integrate your posture, movement and breathing in all your activities.

What does this mean for you and your well-being? Here’s what: students of the Technique regularly report decreased pain and fatigue, improved coordination, increasing awareness and focus … and quite often an extra inch of height!

Given a choice between vertebral fusion surgery or trying the Alexander Technique, I chose the second option. My neck pain was gone after a few lessons. – JB, scientist

How does it work?

With hands-on guidance and feedback as you perform simple movements, you  begin to perceive the habits that get in your way. You learn a new way of thinking that results in very different sensory experiences. You begin to stand tall without effort, breathe more fully and move with greater freedom. You learn to enhance your comfort and performance, whether you’re working at your desk, carrying your child, giving a presentation or swinging a golf club.

Online lessons and classes available 

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