Lucia Turner, pianist and piano instructor:

Studying the Alexander Technique with Tully has been life changing for me.  I’m long past the shoulder problem that brought me to her studio. 

My lessons have greatly improved awareness of where I am in space and how I fit into my surroundings. I’ve gained a freedom of thought and movement; to not lock into a solution or direction when problem solving.

With Tully’s guidance I have been able to  develop a sense of groundedness and ability to see multiple perspectives; to think more clearly in the moment and reorient to the present.

Tully’s creativity in online lessons, her information packed weekly Alexander Spark email series and the online Sparky Hour Workshops have tremendously enriched my Alexander study.

Vicki Phillips, LPGA Class “A” teaching professional and long distance cyclist:

Tully has a remarkable way of teaching and conveying the principles and movements of the Alexander Technique. With only one lesson, I experienced the elimination of pain. After a few more lessons, I gained increased range of motion in my golf swing and greater power and speed in my cycling. As a golf professional and long distance cyclist, peak performance is dependent on correct usage of one’s body. Through the Alexander Technique and working with Tully, I have found better performance and definite improvement in shoulder pain.

Karla Lindahl, nurse care manager:

Alexander Technique has been invaluable in relieving my chronic body-wide pain, tension and fatigue .  I have participated in many traditional and complementary therapies throughout the years and was still searching for the one that could help with some stubborn, persistent areas of pain. Took the introductory course offered through Community Ed and went on to take private lessons with Tully, an expert and wonderful teacher of Alexander Technique.  I am so amazed at how powerful this gentle, subtle technique is in relieving pain, tension, stress and improving energy and one’s posture with cumulative and long-lasting effect.   

Dr Craig Maddox, vocal professor at Stetson University:

Initially, I sought lessons with Tully in hopes of improving my singing.  I discovered very early in our lessons that the benefits of AT study would go much further than improvements in my voice.  Over the past three years of study I have noticed definite improvements in such areas as: energy, ease of movement, quality of sleep, mental outlook, general coordination, and more.  I have also noticed immense benefits from the work she has done with our students. Her work, especially with those students suffering from excessive tension, was most dramatic and enlightening.   

Carol Stockton, architect/equestrienne:

Not only did Tully’s instruction in the Alexander Technique make me feel more relaxed and focused in general, but I found that the final experience on horseback exceeded all my expectations.

Robyn Martin, Certified Advanced Rolfer: 

If I could, I would require all of my clients to take Alexander lessons. I was truly impressed with how a technique that seems so subtle can be so powerful in its results. Tully is professional, well educated, grounded…..and fun! She has a marvelous way of instilling a sense of confidence in her students, where it becomes easy to incorporate the work into one’s life.

Benjamin Harrison, USAF Airman

Following a hip injury and surgery, I was in chronic pain that nothing seemed to help. Alexander lessons with Tully helped me improve to the point that I breezed through my Air Force entrance exam, excelled during basic training and am now happily pursuing my new career. Tully is a consummate professional who really takes time to get to know and care for each person she works with. I truly believe I would not have found relief from my pain and success in my new career without her diligent and considerate aid; I cannot recommend lessons with Tully Hall or Alexander enough!

Louise McLelland Urban, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland

As a singer and voice teacher I have long been convinced of the benefits of the Alexander Technique. When Tully requested voice lessons from me, I welcomed the opportunity to work vocally with a certified teacher. Little did I imagine what kind of impact her lessons would have on my teaching and singing! I soon asked Tully to give a class to a group of my voice students. They were enthusiastic, engaged her individually for more work, and recommended the Technique to their performing colleagues and students.  My work with Tully has added a whole new dimension to my work with other voice students.