Tully’s home studio in Citywalk, Woodbury is very close to the junction of 94 and Woodbury Drive, just east of the junction of 494 and 694. 10286 Bleeker St, Woodbury MN 55129.

Please contact Tully for specific directions and where to park.


She is also teaching at the Andrew Riverside Prebysterian space in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood on Wednesdays. Note: it doesn’t look like a traditional church; it looks more like an apartment building. There is street parking and 5 dedicated parking spots in the lot across the street:

403 8th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN  55414 

*Tully had been making regular teaching visits to Oakton, VA, near Washington DC and to DeLand and Winter Park, FL until the pandemic… perhaps that can resume in future! Inquire about upcoming visits