While private lessons are directly tailored to your individual needs, intro classes can be a great way to explore the principles and possibilities of the Technique. You can request a workshop for your particular group. 

Announcing on-line group classes, now forming! Contact me for information. 

I offer free monthly info-demos in S. Minneapolis and Woodbury. Space is limited, so please email or call to register.

Upcoming Info-Demonstrations:

Will resume once we’re past the social distancing at the Ivy Building, Minneapolis

Will resume once we’re past the social distancing at the Woodbury studio

best up guyUpcoming Classes:

Smart Move: Intro to the Alexander Technique
Introductory Workshop in Woodbury

Date/Time: Will resume once we can be in the same room together again…

Location: Citywalk, Woodbury

Cost: $35 workshop only; $70 workshop + private lesson.

Space limited, so you get lots of attention! To register: workshop

Next class for 3M employees: The Intelligent Approach to Elegant, Efficient Posture

Description: Yes, posture matters and yes, it can be so much easier! The Alexander Technique can help you understand how postural behavior really works, so that you can experience more ease and freedom in all your daily activities.

Dates/Times: check this space for next class, TBD

Location: 220 Fitness Center, 3M Maplewood

Contact me for info on future intro classes at:

Citywalk, WoodburyIvy Building for the Arts, Mpls and at the 3M campus, Maplewood

Next teaching visit to Stetson University, DeLand and Winter Park, FL: Jan 28 – Jan 31, 2020

Next teaching visit to northern VA: TBA

Percussion studio at Stetson University