The Life Giving Magic of Standing on One Leg — 7 Comments

  1. Hi and thanks for this article. I encourage all my students to learn how to keep central balance as they just bend one knee and keep the toes (bent) on the ground, without swaying around. It’s astonishing how few people can do it. If you think about it, it’s the primary move for walking. I love the idea of brushing your teeth on one leg and will implement it with my students too (and myself!).

    • There are so many simple yet profound ways to work on balance, yours is great!
      I think one of the greatest benefits from the little balance challenges is that they let you meet yourself gently, in the moment, and really experience your natural variability. You meet and acknowledge yourself, where you are, and invite yourself to find more freedom and elasticity from there. Sometimes dynamic balance is easy to find, sometimes very elusive. But the overall trend will be toward improvement, by working on it every day.

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