Where intention goes, energy flows — 4 Comments

  1. The Heart Sutra is the gateway to realizing emptiness, from which all things derive and by which all things are marked. In other words, its all one big changing thing, from form to emptiness and back, etc. Unfortunately we ordinary folks have to the deal with the arthritis and everything, so posture really matters while we are figuring all this out. Intention (volition in Buddhism) is also not other than emptiness, so its a moving target too. It does want to go someplace other than where it believes it is, but it is no more unitary or field independent than anything else, and is really just another wave within a sea of waves.

    • Thanks, Pete!
      Yes, every single aspect of ‘ourselves’ and our ‘experience’ is just another wave within a sea of waves. It all moves.

  2. I am in a perpetual — never-ending, from now until I’m dead — fight with gravity.

    I have neuropathy in my feet, very little feeling. Yet I’m able to notice where my feet are at all times. Except when I fell, on my back in my house, at the end of March. I have no idea how that happened. It seems like a dream.

    Your blog reminds me to pay even closer attention.

    And how did you get my email? I am familiar with the Alexander Technique.

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment! It looks like you subscribed to my mailing list at some point, which is why the invitation to see this blog showed up in your inbox.

      What kinds of things have you tried to address the neuropathy in your feet? Has anything helped? A student of mine with foot neuropathy discovered that after a bit of walking on a foam balance beam* (a squishy, curved surface which gives a bit of challenge to our whole balancing-orienting system) he had more feeling in his feet; they seemed to ‘wake up’ a bit. We are designed to process gravity, but there sure are many factors that can get in the way of that system. And strategies to get back out of its way.

      *Something like this: Healthstar Foam Balance Beam 6″ Blue

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